If you’ve ever wanted to plan a weekend of fun and booze with your old mates from college and have one big reunion but never knew how to plan one out, we have some tips that will definitely help you organize an amazingly fun and exciting time with your old buddies.

Sometimes, it is very important to pump the breaks on living this fast track lifestyle and it is okay to take a breather so we urge you to read the tips mentioned below and get started on getting this show on the road.

The Company

First and foremost, the first step to planning is to figure out who you are going to invite on this crazy weekend. It is always important to pick the group of people that you can have the most banter with and have a good time with and try to avoid those people who you tend to butt heads with more often than not.

The people that you chose to embark on this journey is a key aspect of how well the weekend will turn out so it is very important to really take time and consider who you want to invite on the getaway and it is best to pick people whom you know will vibe really well with each other.

The Budget

Regardless of who is paying for all the expenses,  it is important to consider everything with regards to the budget. The truth is, the budget is truly dependent on you and your friends and the type of activities and hotels that they can afford.

The best way to settle it is to bounce off ideas with your friends and see where things go from there onwards instead of making some uncalculated decision that doesn’t even consider anything about the budget that you will need for the trip.

Create An Itinerary

Whether you’re running to a bottleshop in mildura in the middle of the night or hiking through some crazy mountains, it is always important to have a plan. At least a very poorly planned one that will keep you from losing precious time.

Having an itinerary will help you check off all your boxes on the to-do list without much of a hassle as it will constantly keep you motivated to strive towards your goals that you have set before you. This will be the ideal way to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your entire experience.

Planning The Excursions

The best way to do this is to plan some crazy excursions and activities that your friends wouldn’t otherwise even dare to do. We urge you to really think about whatever it is that you want to do as making it happen is easy.

Come up with some crazy activities and crazy ideas of things to do out when you’re travelling and get on with it without slacking. A good weekend with the boys is never good without some crazy stories to tell afterwards.