When it comes to detailing your car, most of us are extremely clueless as to how to exactly go about it. We’re not even sure if we exactly need the service. This is mainly because we fail to understand the core of car detailing and the actual purpose for which it serves our car. This is mainly to ensure that we are able to drive in a clean and safe environment, one which we fail to create ourselves due to our busy lives or plainly our own negligence. But there’s nothing to worry about. This exactly why detailing services are available at our fingertips.

Here are some questions you should ask your vehicle detailer before you go ahead with your detailing.

The Necessity Of Doing So

One of the very basic questions you need to ask both yourself and your detailer would be whether it is actually necessary for you to get your vehicle detailed on a regular basis. The reason for this is because, some of us may already be keeping our vehicle neat and tidy, in which case you won’t need detailing. However, if you comprise of everyone who has no time to do so, you’re most likely going to have to get your vehicle detailed on a regular basis.

Costs Of Doing So

We also need to take into consideration the exact cost of getting our vehicle detailed as well. While most detailing service companies offer the same price range, some companies offer packages based over a time period of getting your car detailed, or simply throwing in extra cleaning products for you to use at home. These type of car detailing bundles often prove to be more cost-effective and should thus be taken advantage of.

The Cleaning Method

Another question which you should ask your vehicle detailer is which type of cleaning method he would use to get your vehicle neat and tidy. This is important as harmful chemicals which are used in cleaning mechanisms may tarnish the interior or exterior of your vehicle and thus you should always look into this aspect of getting your vehicle detailed. You will also need to consider, whether you will only want to get the interior of your vehicle cleaned or the exterior as well.

How Long Will The Detailing Last?

While absolutely no detailing in the world would last forever, the amount of time that your vehicle remains in a clean condition would vary from the quality of the job done by the detailer. A healthy time period for you to get your vehicle detailed would be at least once a month, depending on both your budget as well as how well you actually keep your space tidy.


The reason for which you may need a warranty or a guarantee is in the rare case, your detailer accidentally damages your vehicle during the detailing process. While this may almost never happen it is always better to be on the safe side and ensure that the detailer provides warranty for such a scenario.

These questions could easily help you to find the best vehicle detailer out there and get the best job done for your vehicle!