As the sun goes down on the horizon and the city lights up with colourful wonder, Melbourne simply becomes more alive than ever. There are plenty of interesting things to do in this city to enjoy nightlife at its fullest. This simple guide can help you find awesome activities to do and places to visit as you explore the city after sundown.

Queen Victoria Night Market

The Queen Victoria Night Market is an iconic place one should never miss. Explore through many stalls selling food, drinks, vintage items and more interesting stuffs. At night, this place is bustling with all the late-night shoppers from tourists to locals. You’ll never get bored no matter how long you stay because there are live music and performances that you can enjoy.

Ride the Melbourne Star

The Melbourne Star, also known as the Star Observation Wheel is one of the finest attractions this city has. Enjoy an overlooking view of the city and watch the beautiful sunset as the city flickers into life. This place is open whole year round with admission fees ranging from 22 to 36 AUD although you can get a discount when you buy a ticket online.

Join an Overnight Safari

Who said a safari adventure can only be done during the day? At Werribee Open Range Zoo, you can enjoy a safari trip even at night. You’ll get to experience animal encounters totally different from daytime safari because there are some animals that go out only at night.

Luna Park Melbourne

Treat your inner child to the wonders of Luna Park. The park is open from 11 AM to 11 PM so you can still enjoy the rides and all the other amusements even at night. If you’re looking for simple yet fun ways to pass some time, this is the perfect place to go.

Enjoy a Carriage Ride

Take a down the beautiful streets of Melbourne at night on a lovely horse carriage ride. The driver is fully dressed in traditional attire for a more genuine experience. Allow the carriage to tour you through Melbourne’s key spots such as the St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Swan Street Bridge, Chinatown and many more. Keep in mind that carriage tours are only available from Thursdays to Sundays.

Grab a Drink

Melbourne is well-known for its bar culture which made this one of the best things to do when enjoying nightlife in the city. Grab a drink on one of Collins Street bars to quench your thirst anytime in the evening. Aside from drinks, you can also enjoy delicious bar food to give you more energy in your night time adventure.

Dinner Cruise

If you’re looking for classy ways to spend the night, try having a dinner cruise aboard the Spirit of Melbourne Cruising Restaurant. Enjoy beautiful scenery while eating your sumptuous meal as the restaurant winds down the Yarra River. This cruise restaurant is only open during Thursdays to Fridays.

Instead of going to bed, it’s better to go out and explore this wonderful city filled with fun and adventure even at night.