Not everyone can afford a car, even a second hand car because let’s admit it, life is harder these days. Having a 9-5 isn’t enough especially if you have a family to feed. You have to get another job so you can survive. But even if you’re salary isn’t high just like the others, you still have to find ways to relax and stay away from the hustle and bustle of city life for the meantime. If you do it, you’ll get back to your workplace feeling happy and inspired to work harder. Consider a car rental if you don’t have a car yet. However, there are things you need to know before renting a car.

Get a Credit Card

Some car rental companies require a credit card so don’t be reluctant to get one. You can use it to get an insurance policy for your car rental needs, too, without having to pay anything. But remember, not all credit card companies offer it so make sure to give them a call. And don’t forget to ask the policy on covering rental costs. Some will cover the damages acquired on the rental car, but will not cover the costs estimated by the rental company.

Pay for Extra Drivers

Before you rent a car, keep in mind that you have to pay for extra drivers. Know how many drivers you actually need so you won’t have to pay for additional expenses. If you wish to rent a car then buy it, you can go to different car rental companies near you. Don’t be shy to ask for a quotation especially if you think hiring a car is expensive.

Make More Than One Reservation

Make at least two reservations when renting a car. Do it during off season because if you’ll do it during BER months, rental car prices may be a lot higher. Moreover, it will be more difficult to book during these times. Usually, there’s no penalty when you cancel. But just make sure that you do it in advance.


Know that you’ll be able to enjoy big savings if you will rent a car. You’ll save on gas mileage, parking, toll fees, wear and tear, etc. However, before you rent a car whether it is for short or long-term use, you have to know that it’s important that you check it before you travel even if it’s not your own car. Check the brakes, lights, oil, water, battery, air pressure, and gas.

Carry Your Extras

You can carry your own extras like child seat, GPS system and MP3 player in your rental car. However, make sure to ask the rental company to take out the original accessories especially if you’ll be renting the car for a long time.

You can enjoy the benefits of renting a car without building up unexpected costs, if you’ll be ready. But the best thing you can do is to do careful research. Know the do’s and don’ts and know the policy of each car rental company.